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in spots. annapolis is 74. in leonardtown, starting your day at 6 #. we'll have alet of -- we'll have a lot of sunshine today. just like yesterday. -- in leonardtown, starting your day at 63. look how quiet it is, you mean all the way from sexes of new england down to the mid- atlantic down into the carolinas, not much happening. kind of the calm before the storm here. out to the west work we have a cold front and this is a big player in our forecast as we get into the end of the week. it is a good thing it is on the way. not only will it bring cooler weather but it will help push earl out it sea as we get into the daytime hours. speaking of earl, let's take a look here. that eye becoming distinct. you can see it wobbling off to the west. we have hurricane watches he can tenned from surf city, north carolina up to paramour island in virginia. don't be surprised if the hurricane watches don't get extend to the maryland beaches and up to new jersey and southern new england as this storm will race up the coast during the day on friday. here is where we expect it to be by friday morning parked
down here, leonardtown out of the northern neck these guys have potential to be rotating. and potential tornado warnings. they have issued some for these down here and southern st. mary's county, saint indigos through sane maries. leonardtown, calvert county, any of these storms may go severe or even tornadic. little tornadoes but still over the next few hours. talking an it. we are looking at flood warnings with all of the rain we have had. covering the met tremendous right now until 10:45 a.m. i want to throw it over to devon lucie because we are getting totals in an some are impressive. >> calvert county, the worst of the rain coming in over southern maryland. flash flood warning there several roads are closed in the north beach area and flash flood has close route 17 in parts of northern virginia, spotsylvania county and near belvedere, too. log on to and we have storm reports from you. telling us four plus inches in southern maryland. click on the storm reports if you go the weather tab. submit your report and get it to our in box and keeps us updated on what is coming do
toward benedict, saint leonard through st. mary's city, as well. east of leonardtown. any of those cells have possibility of producing a short-lived tornado. i will be back shortly. over to you. >>> as howard told us we are under a flood watch until this afternoon and right now we want to take a look at things close to the district. jessica doyle is live from old town alexandria, which is always a place with concerns of flooding. good morning, jess. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. that's right. we are here in old town alexandria. we are on king street, right where it terminates by the waterfront and i want to give you a sense of how it is raining this morning. you can see it is coming down. we have seen it coming down at a fast clip in some instances. i want to take you for a walk over here. we have a storm drain and this will be an indicator for us of how quickly the rain is coming down. you can hear it coming down. we see a lot of ponding in the waterways because of the rain we have gotten. we want to show you video. we have video of storm prep are from yesterday. the crews were out
are popping up in fairfax, prince william county. but everything is light. and light activity 95, leonardtown and southern maryland. heaviest activity by far is north and west of town and still, no exceptions. i mean this is heavy rain around charlestown, blue month, around -- bluemont, over route 7 and skim purcellville and head up to hillsborough and heavy up to brunswick. this is where the heavy activity is right now. west of town and east of town as we get in to the late hours on the and early tomorrow morning. all of us should allow extra time to get to work tomorrow, though. go to the computer now. the forecast for on the, flash flood watch is in affect, rain and thunderstorms some heavy and some severe. we have a tornado warning earlier today in howard county. i they were playing it safe but could be rotation with these storms. low temperatures 65 to 70. muggy and winds increasing. south southeast at 10 to 20 and gusty. we say this all the time and we will say it again. don't cross a flooded street by car or foot. check the sump pump and base and attic before the next batch begins to r
want to emphasize light rain showers showing up on live doppler 9000 hd. southern maryland, leonardtown, lusby, saint leonard you may see a few sprinkles here. more in to the northern neck. heavier south to richmond. and even on the eastern shore, here's deal island. this could get up to tillman, vienna and easton may get a shower out of this. north an west of this -- i don't think this will get much more -- it might get up to mechanicsville or parts of eastern and southern charles county but for the most part i think the problem is a coastal problem. let's go to the weather computer and talk about the track of earl. earl by the way, a category two. winds yesterday were 145. now they are only 10 a. gusting to 125. the pressure has gone up and the organization has gone down and that's a good thing. we will watch earl as it moves up the coast. by noon passing ocean city, a little further away so the winds won be as strong as ocean city as cape hatteras. tonight, look at this. weakening, winds 90 miles an hour at 8:00 but it will go close to martha's vineyard and cape cod. they have to dea
. martinsburg, how about 49 degrees for you? warrenton down to 52 degrees and leonardtown, 56 and baltimore dropping to 60 degrees. d.c. will be right around 58 to 60 degrees under clear skies and those definite cool temperatures, a breeze remaining. it's been pretty persistent out of the northwest at 10 to 15 and we'll see it overnight and, again tomorrow. friday looks like today and still on the breezy side about 78 degrees. a beautiful day for us. mild and breezy. early on, we'll find temperatures in the 50s. the kids may need that that jacket for school. by noon, 72 and by 4:00, 75 degrees. he's a look at the weekend forecast. saturday, 80. a warm front on saturday afternoon. the clouds will increase side afternoon. i think the rain will hold off in the mountains you get it and it holds off for us until the overnight hours and there could be a rumble of thunder overnight. s most of the showers will be in the morning, some will be hermine's rain that plagued texas and oklahoma. it will be drier for us in the afternoon and by the time you go to the skins game if you're fortunate enough to
you have wet weather. southern portions county and lighter rain. in st. mary's county, leonardtown, st. mary's city across the river toward new land, reedville. jan is four tenth of an inch this morning. really coming down. and this is lifting off to the north. temperatures will hold where they are in the 60s to around 70. it is 66 in fredericksburg. orange is 62. and look, where it is raining in cambridge 63. easton 68 but you will likely see a few degrees chopped off once the rain moves in. light showers at national, 68. dew point in the 50s. that's coming up and the winds from the east will be coming up as well as the storm system is actually part of a complex system. nicole down here. all of this moisture is streaming to the north and it will redevelop in to an extra tropical or post tropical storm but the moisture is here and it's coming and there's a lot of it. we will watch it in waves this afternoon and this evening. computer is trying to say things will settle down this evening and we may see a little bit of a lessening but in the next surge is overnight. i don't think it will
up east of town. you see rain toward leonardtown. this will work up annapolis from to the bay and delmarva. we maybe okay in the immediate metro area but friends to the west and east could have problems later today and tonight. and speaking of the bay, stay off the warnings. gale warnings, coastal flood advisories, all kindses of things. the watch covers the metro area until 8:00 tomorrow morning. there are no warnings right now. there were warnings out earlier in howard and montgomery county. for tonight, flash flood watch. rain and thunderstorms. some heavy and severe. lows 85 to 70 and winds increasing south southeast at 10 to 20 and gusty. satellite picture, radar combined. look at the plumes of moisture. we will talk about where it will go overnight and look ahead what could be a nor'easter later in the week. back to you. >> thank you. >>> breaking news to talk about happening out of baltimore right now. dozens of firefighters are on the scene of a row house collapse. you can see it from the sky. it happened just before 3:00 p.m. in west baltimore and there were a report
. 7 # in leonardtown. fredericksburg is at 72. winchester, virginia is at 68. -- 73 up in baltimore. 72 in leonardtown. we have a flash flood watch in effect for part of the area. five-day forecast, after today, tomorrow starts out okay. we get another shot of rain late if the day. i can't tell you on the timing right now. don't really know . it could be around rush hour tomorrow afternoon. we'll set up for a quiet weekend, i believe with much cool are temperatures. high only in the 60s to around 70 degrees for the weekend. there you go. that is the weather. time now for ask the weather guys. yep, it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to we are your most preeing questions, weather- related or otherwise. thank you's question come from cameron arks fourth grade student at georgetown day school. cameron writes, i'm doing a project extreme weather. can you please plain what a tsunami was. good question. only now as i'm reading it on the air do i think cameron, we're doing your homework for you. >> i thought that right away. cameron is very smart. >> yes, sh
for you in annapolis. 68 in in leonardtown. winchester, you are down to 66. 64 in manassas. 69 as you start your morning in fredericksburg. this is very unusual as this weather pattern persists for another couple of days. we are going to cool it down by the weekend but we have to get there first. satellite-radar, hay couple of pretty good thunderstorms pop up during the evening hours last night. not all of us saw the rain but some did get some pretty good showers. we got a little localized fog out there. it should be a bright and sunny afternoon. our next frontal system doesn't get in here until late friday, early saturday. i think it will come through here try but it will start to cool things down as we get into saturday and sunday. so this particular heat wave won't last too much longer. here is another look at t the heat olds on with high temperatures. i think they will be right in the neighborhood they were yesterday, low to mid-90s. really, up and done the eastern seaboard here. we are talking about unseasonable heat with 80s and 90s in the f
cooldown here overnight. 61 in annapolis. 61 in leonardtown. let's get to the map and first things first. notice the cloud cover. kind of high, thin clouds moving in. the theme around here today will be to increase the cloud cover very quickly. might be a little morning sunshine but the clouds will quickly win out and be a mostly cloudy afternoon. the shower activity at this hour still well to our south, south of richmond. that will move in late this afternoon. so by the evening commute, it is possible we'll have a few showers around, bring along an umbrella just in case. main event holds off until later tonight until the daytime hours tomorrow. frontal system hanging up here. we get into an area of low pressure here. it will tap into this, a lot of gulf moisture. a deluge in miami. tropical depression number 16 right there just crossing across cuba into the florida straits. likely to become tropical storm matthew over the next couple of hours. this will get tapped into and pulled today north. bottom line is we are going to have a lot of rain around here as we get into the overnight hour
and they are in the 50s. 59 at dulles. 55 at manassas. 63 in annapolis. leonardtown is at 61 degrees. here also look at the satellite- radar for the region p we do have clouds streaming through this morning. not the thickest cloud cover we've ever seen. once these get through here, we'll see more sunshine for the bulk of the day today. these are so, wade frontal system out it the west that will be moving through here touring the course of the day. bringing some drier air but as it comes through, those wind will pick up and we'll see the winds blowing at about 20, 25 miles per hour p this is igor that we were showing you. look at that well-defined eye. as steve mentioned it is a category four hurricane. maximum sustained winds are 135 miles per hour continuing to track to the north-northwest move ago about eight miles per hour. if this impact bermuda, it wouldn't be until this weekend. we have you new hurricane, hurricane jewel what way out to sea across the atlantic. this one will also bear watching but the forecast has it remaining out to sea. it's category one hurricane with maximum sustained wind
degrees currently. 69 down in quantico, virginia. 6 # in leonardtown. baltimore at 62 degrees. -- 68 in leonardtown. er hue is that look at the satellite-radar. i show it to you just to show you that there is not much to see. nothing in the way of cloud cover. maybe a couple clouds here and there. that is about it. but mostly clear skies and indeed, that is how it shall be today. high pressure really keeping things quiet for today and tomorrow and the day after that as well. now, there is a frontal boundary that will gradually make its way through here. there were some rain showers associated with it. most of that is wrapping up. behind that cold front is much cool are air. that will work its way in here later in the week so that we'll start off with a warm start to the workweek but by later on, things are going to be much cooler than what we're seeing today and tomorrow. let's take a look at hermine. it made landfall in northeastern mexico and southern texas with maximum sustained winds 65 miles per hour. those winds have dropped down to about 50 miles per hour but that is still qui
. annapolis is 36. leonardtown, 61 degrees. we're now 64 in washington. we have a cool start, before a cool one yesterday. we'll be warmer with a lot more sunshine. our satellite-radar this morning, can you see the low cloud cover and fog that is out there. that will burn off here. high pressure out to our west should build in today. the general trend in the atmosphere to dry things out and increase the sunshine. as we get into the nighttime hours, see the slight spotty activity up towards cleveland. that will get in here in the form of a few clouds here. the next couple of days featuring lots of sunshine. here is your forecast, early fog, mostly sunny by afternoon. 83degrees your afternoon high. warm he than yesterday. winds will be out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, good looking workweek. look at that. sunshine most of the week. our next chance for any rain shower activity doesn't arrive until friday, high temperatures all week long, just about where they should be, upper 70s and l.a. 80s. that is a look at t
a little bit now. 68degrees here in d.c. 63 in baltimore. 63 in manassas. leonardtown is at 6 # degrees. frederick, maryland is at 57 degrees at this hour. fine start to the day. not too bad. satellite-radar composite, we'll show you that again this morning. we've got mostly clear skies, high pressure continues to dominate. that high pressure is slowly pushing off to the east and behind it, we've got breezes coming in out of the southwest that will bring the warm air that is in place out there into our region later on today. my, a frontal boundary could bring us some rain showers and thunderstorm activity later this afternoon and during the evening hours. it is a possibility. i think most of you will remain dry but there is the possibility that we'll get some of the rain in here later today. so the forecast for today looks like this. put it all together, not a bad one. mostly sunny but it will be hot and humid so get ready for that. a return to summer-like conditions, late day thunderstorm possible as i mentioned. high today, 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. 90degrees for your h
of richmond and also in southern maryland. a little shower active between leonardtown and st. mary's city on the northern neck. bill in newland said it one doing anything. and we will see some light sprinkles or drizzle. heavier showers in to virginia and they may just brush extreme southern maryland an across the bay in to the eastern shore. as far as the winds, we are looking at them from last night during the overnight. they start to pick up at midnight. 24 virginia beach. not bad here in the delmarva. overnight they started to pick up. even ocean city is feeling the winds gusting over 20 miles an hour and wallops island is gusting to 26 miles an hour. earl on the latest advisory, winds 105 miles an hour. starting to pick up northeast at 18 miles an hour. as it weakens it will be a category two storm this afternoon. passing our beaches, 150-miles to the east and then heads to another land fall -- or a land fall near martha's vineyard, maybe cape cod. we will have to watch that as it starts to lose the tropical conditions an transitions to a nontropical low. the bus stop
in leonardtown. if you want to see the latest on those, go to increase an we have a tornado watch in effect. actually, no longer in effect. but i wouldn't be surprised to see severe weather as we make our way thugh the nig tonight. i'll be back to let you know exactly what you can expect overnight tonight. >> thank you, doug. >>> it's been a difficult day for people traveling through northern virginia and elsewhere in the area. in virginia, drivers had to contend with everything from flooded roads in vienna to a sinkhole in arlington. one couple had to be rescued after their car g stuck in high water in annandale this morning. we have a look at how the evening commute is going there. >> reporter: jim, good evening. we're here live on cambridge road. commuters are trying to get home and beat this storm that's actually rolling through here, as doug just said. all day drivers have been out in the rain. but we've been lucky. the in has tapered off in the last few hours an the conditions out here are slowly improving. as many know, this morning was a completely different story. >
in gaithersburg. 61 in leonardtown. annapolis, 71. that is not quite as comfortable. 66 for new fredericksburg. cold front coming through during the last couple of hours. other than a little cloud cover, not much associated with t no shower activity. really need the rain and once again, not in the cards today as we'll have bright sunshine and plenty of sunshine. look off to the north and west. nothing going on out there. wind are out of the north. that is just off the coast. hurricane igor tracking off to the north and northeast. won't impact us directly. we'll see some waves along the coast associated with it but the outflow reaching very close to the eastern shore. our forecast looking ahead here, a good one. after some early clouds, beautiful afternoon with lots of sunshine, high temperature about 80-degree. wind will be out of the north at about five miles per hour. later tonight, open the windows again. 54degrees. maybe close the windows. put a blanket on. in the upper 40s in some spots. wind out of the north at about five miles per hour. the next couple of days unfortunately, we need the
. gaithersburg, 54. frederick, 54. got a trend here. a little warmer in d.c. at 63. leonardtown, 61. temperatures a good 10 degrees cooler than they were yesterday at this hour. got some clouds moving in today. it will be increasing cloudy. i think most of the rain will hold off until late in the day. p here is your radar. you get the idea that the rain showers are still well off to the south an east. we do have cloud cover across central sections of virginia. your morning commute will be just fine. as we get into the nighttime hours, that is with the soaking rain gets here. look what we've got going here off to our south and east, this train of rain. we have agot a tropical depression now crossing cuba. that will get picked up by an area of low pressure across the carolina and all that moisture unfortunately going to be thrown in the washington area. the rain will pick up intensity tonight and during the daytime hours tomorrow. we'll have a lot of rain, potentially, two, three, four, maybe five inches of rain in some places. we have a flash flood watch not today. this goes into effect later toni
and done. need the rain. 64degrees at reagan national. 64 in leonardtown. 63 in manassas. hagerstown, that is a little cooler. will be a cool day with high temperatures only in the mid- 70s. much cooler than what we had around here friday and saturday. cloudy and cool today. rain heavy at times. could be a thunderstorm as well. 74degrees as well your afternoon high. kind. breezy at times with winds out of the south and east 10 to 15. clouds and rain continue tonight. clouds stick around. rain continues tonight. 68 is your overnight low. here is your five-day forecast. rain early tomorrow. we'll get you out to the of here by tomorrow afternoon. wednesday doesn't look bad. should be some sunshine. maybe some more rain on thursday. friday, more sunshine. you can see our weather pattern has changed in a big way here as we approach october with lots of rain around today. that is a look at the forecast. let's do some on-time traffic with julie wright. >> inner loop. the beltway, lanes are open as you continue to work your way between 270, 95, college park. the crash occurred on the outer l
there in manassas. leonardtown at 60. we are going to continue to cool down. some areas in the low 50s. by the time you walk up to around 60 in the zribldistrict. right now, the clouds came through earlier. it's the clouds to the west we'll be watching. these clouds do have a couple showers with them. but notice not a whole lot of rain. we are going to be watching as an area of low pressure starts to move our way. nice weather in here for tomorrow. we are going to be watching, though, that area of low pressure move towards us during the day sunday. i think a good chance of rain on sunday. it's not going to be a lot of rain but it may stick around late enough in the day that it may put a damper on some of those plans for tailgating late in the afternoon on sunday. but i do not think it's going to affect the game for the most part. a possibility of a light shower. that's going to be it. down at fedex field right around the 8:15, 8:20 hour. that's when the game will kick off. but once again, i think the game should go off without a hitch. it's actually going to be pretty nice weather over the next cou
in manassas. 66 in frederick. leonardtown, 72. in cambridge, 726789 the cooler air filtering in. -- in cambridge, 72. mostly sunny this afternoon. 84degrees and also a little cooler, wind out of the north and west at about five to 10 miles per hour. tonight, absolutely beautiful, 60 degrees. very comfortable conditions. this will set us up for what will be a fantastic weekend. trying to find some more superlatives for it. >>> let's do some on-time traffic and julie wright. i got caught up in that beltway mess. >> oh, did you? >> they send you down connecticut. >> that's right. they do. you are absolutely right. outer loop, the traffic is being diverted off the beltway at connecticut. all of this is due in part to an accident that occurred about 10:00 last night. it involved a couple of vehicles and a tractor-trailer. when i came through about 0 minutes ago, all of the lanes are open on the inner loop. on the outer loop, they were spreading out the sand, the an osh sent if you will. the outer loop of the beltway blocked off at connecticut avenue. you take connecticut avenue, ride
comfortable. that is why i said sleep in if you can. annapolis is currently 63. leonardtown, you are 50 degrees. this is probably our coolest morning yet this late summer, early fall season. looking at our satellite-radar, we are looking at more quiet. look how quiet the eastern half of the nation is. not much happening. some thunderstorm activity off to the north and west and that could bring us the slightest chance of a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon and evening tomorrow. until then, we'll be just fine. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, there is a lot of heat out here. we've got 90s into the portions of the southwest here. that will get in here during the daytime hours tomorrow. starting tomorrow, in for a bit of a heat wave with high temperatures in the upper 80s to about 90 degrees. not the case today. lots of sunshine, seasonal temperatures. 08degrees. winds will be light are than yesterday out of the north an east at about five miles per hour. not as cool tonight. 62 for an overnight low. clear skies out there. should be once again a nice comfortable evening
in leonardtown. really cool and yesterday was a cool day. high temperatures only in the 60s and low 70s. we'll be a lot warmer today. we'll watch temperatures jump a good 10 to 15 degrees over where they were yesterday. back into the low 80s t will feel great around here with bright sunshine. the rain shower activity needed by the way. about 2/3 of an inch well off the coast now. we're looking at a little bit of cloud cover and low-lying fog. that will get out of here once the sun comes up. we'll have a nice beautiful afternoon around here. the next couple of days on the quote qeat side -- the next couple of days on the quiet side. >> this is hurricane igor. this will start to push off to the north and eventually north and east and should stay out to sea. we now have tropical storm julia off to the east of igor as well. we are very active here. we'll keep an eye on those. our forecast, early fog, mostly sunny by early afternoon. should be a beautiful day. winds out of the west here at about 10 miles per hour and the five-day forecast gets a little better here over the next couple of days. l
out there. temperatures definitely on the mild side. 7273 in leonardtown. still going to be warm today. upper 80s to about 90. our winds will pick up. that will mix up the atmosphere a little bit t should feel better. the wind are out of the south. i mentioned the warm temperatures. before a frontal system that will shift the wind out of the west t will be breezy at times with winds gusting about 15, 0, maybe 25 miles per hour as this cold front gets pushing through. there is another look at it. just a couple of light sprinkles associated with it pushing into the washington area. it is possible you could see a light sprinkle. i think most of the area unfortunately will be dry. i know we need the rain shower activity. there is a bigger look. much cooler, much drier air behind this and you are really going to notice the temperatures. they will be nice and cool here as we get into thursday and friday. that is the remnants of tropical storm hermine and you can see it there spinning across texas. got to clean a close eye on this. some of this can get picked up and thrown towards the washing
, to leonardtown and in to the mouth of the river. this storm, by the way, between the northern neck and st. marys county, this one i think is going to wish issue a warning on it as it comes to st. mary's county. that could be the next tornado warning we are looking at and heavy rains also south of fredericksburg. devon, let's zoom in to calvert and st. mary's county where it is really coming down. folks trying to come in on route 4 and route 2 it will be will have really, really tough. here's saint leonard over lusby. good luck. going to mechanicsville. and 301 by the way, moderate rains there, but it is torrential. from saint leonard south of lusby. again a very difficult ride this morning. all of this is lifting to the north. here we go. i believe these are the storm totals. one hour or three hour. >> storm total here. >> these are storm totals. i want to show you the numbers. these are storm totals not one hour. four inches here between hollywood and mechanicsville. we drop off to one to two inches in southern maryland and you can see the six-inch storm totals that are coming in the northern n
to the maps and show you the numbers. winchester, 62. 64 with leonardtown and annapolis. culpepper, 66 degrees. game plan today, push showers east to the afternoon, st. mary. and we should be drying out before lunch. we might have a hint of sunshine in martinsburg. first pitch temperature, 71. everyone doing tailgating today at redskins at fedex field. if you're going early there is a risk of shower. certainly by game time, all of it will be to the east. here's that loop showing the band of rain coming through. a little bit more as we head through middle morning. pretty much the trend is drying us out. low pressure cell taking the rain with it. by this evening, again, we'll be dry with leftover clouds. and i think your monday, tuesday, wednesday, even thursday are looking rain free. this next passage will come through. all right. let's put it in writing. we have showers. as we head into the afternoon we're drying out west to east. temperatures between 71 and 76. later this evening should have dry, slowly clearing conditions. 66 to 71 this evening. by tomorrow morning, patchy fog since we have
. leonardtown, our friends there are at 55 degrees. baltimore is 55. dulles international airport is 52 degrees. manassas is at 50. and in martinsberg, west virginia, it is 53 degrees. so there is cool air in place this morning. i'll tell what you is not in place. cloud cover. here is a look at the satellite radar. nothing really to see. there are clouds down to the south and east if you happen to be traveling toward the hampton roads area but even that will pass and move out of the region. we'll have mostly clear skies today. well out to the west across the plains we're seeing rain showers. some of those could make their way in here by tomorrow night. about a 30-40% chance of that. let's go to the tropics. they are active, boy. now this is a new tropical storm. this is tropical storm karl impacting the youk tan peninsula. there is a storm warning and watches. it is moving northeast and maximum sustained winds 65 mile-per-hour. and igor still posing a threat to bermuda and bears watching. if you have interest in bermuda, keep track of this storm. it is a category four hurricane with maximum sus
a temperature of 63 degrees. and 57 in leonardtown. how about salisbury, 63 degrees as well. satellite radar, very quiet conditions. have to look carefully to see the fog and low clouds. that will get out of here and high pressure out to west will move in. so a nice looking afternoon. in fact most of the week you'll feature bright sunshine and seasonal temperatures. upper 70s and low 80s. and not much chance for rain. that little bit of shower activity toward pittsburgh, a reinforced shot of drier air getting in here tonight but not bringing us any rain. and speaking of rain. this is trouble. this is hurricane igor. maximum winds 150 miles per hour, gusts to about 185. you can see that firing on all cylinders. at last look down to 935 millibars. so still pushing off to the west at 17. still forecasted track off to the north and eventually forth and east and staying out to sea. that would be good news. but bermuda has to watch the progress of this hurricane very carefully over the next couple of days and off to the east we have a new tropical storm and wi
. a little cooler. then your warm spot is south. 82 now in leonardtown. cooling down to 65 by 11:00 p.m. our skies will be clearing out this evening. a gorgeous seasonable weekend coming our way and a dra pattern going into next week. we'l talk about that and the fact thatkarl, hurricane karl, just made landfall around mexico. that coming upnd what's going on with igor as it approaches bermuda. >>> we are following a story in silver spring. police are investigating the tragic death of a toddler. a 17-month-old boy was choked to death after getting tangled in a window blind cord. >> there were adults at home at the time. the child was rushed to the hospital in a police cruiser rather than waiting for an ambulance to arrive. news4 will have more in a live report coming up at 5:00 tonight. >>> u.s. capitol police are investigating this morning's shooting unvolving one of their officers. around 5:00 an officer shot a suspect who pointed aun at him. it all happened in southwest. >> reporter: t united states capitol police are involving a lice involved shooting that happened around 5:00 a.m. just
degrees. frederick at 75. 76 in baltimore and down towar leonardtown, 75. 66 at 9:00. 53 degreesy 5:00 a.m. it will be a very cool morning tomorrow. some of the suburbs, most of the suburbs will get to the upper 40s. maybe a little bit cooler than that. tomorrow you may need that jacket as you step outside. here's why. 79 in the district. look at buffalo. 64 degrees. right now, our air is coming from the north. over the next couple days, look at the hot air south and west. 94 in atlanta. the hot air will move our way. we've got the cool air toght and the very warm air over the next couple days. here is hurricane igor. hurricane igor making its way through bermuda. it did not come onshore but very close. look at the video that we have. it did make its way very close to andfall. around hamilton. the residents there about 70,000 residents on the island of bermuda. nearly 20,000 of them lost power. the good news is there is no major damage. both obviously, as you can see, a lot of trees and power lines down. for the most part, no real dage toward that island. that's very good news. the storm
. you can see the amounts across the area. over nine inches in leonardtown. these are the locations that can get even four or five inches, further to the east and four inches up north in frederick, maryland. 4 1/2 inches there, close to 2 1/4 in culpepper. but that's not only our problem. we could see more tornadoes and more tornado warnings. doug kammerer is standing by with more on that. >> any time you have a tropical system making its way in from the atlantic, you do have the chance to see those tornadoes. if they are out there, they're very short lived and are very, very weak as well. there's the tornado watch. you can see inffect until 7:00-รง tonight for all the aas in maryland only. you're only talking about the district and also out towards maryland and st. mary's county as well as charles, anne adundle county and prince georges county. this may actually be extended more towards the midnight hour as the remnants of tropical storm nicole begin to make its way into our region. so that is definitely a threat. what do you do if you have a tornado warning in our area? we did hav
more numbers show we're at 56 in martinsburg and hagerstown. 64 in la plata right now. leonardtown, in the 70s. that's where we're headed this afternoon. by the lunch hour, we'll be approaching the middle 70s. 78, 79 later this afternoon. there is some rain coming. i'll tell you how it may or may not impact the redskins game coming up in a few minutes, barbara. >> okay, kim. thank you very much. see you in a moment. >>> a day that's always going to be in the collective memory of our nation. nine years ago today, four planes, two in new york, one here in dc, one in pennsylvania brought unspeakable grief to the lives and the communities across the country. today the thousands lost that day are being remembered in ceremonies around the country. the largest ceremony at ground zero got under way just minutes ago. michelle franzen has more on how the country will be remembering this solemn anniversary. >> debt pit a heated debate and plans to burn copies of the koran, today, nine years after the terrorists struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, virg
and in leonardtown and in fredericksburg. gaithersburg at 64 degrees. winchester, it is 71 degrees at this hour. a lack at the satellite-radar composite for our region. thing look pretty good here. a clear start. a mostly cheer start to the day. couple of clouds up to the north an west for some of you there. but mostly clear skies and it will be another mostly sunny day today. but this frontal boundary will make its way through here late today. when it does, it could trigger some showers and thunderstorms for parts of our viewing area. i think most you will not see rain but some of you could see showers and thunderstorms this evening and into the nighttime hours. forecast for today look like this. big warm-up for today and the next few days. mostly sunny, hot an humid. a late-day thunderstorm is possible. high today about 90 degrees. that follows yesterday appear high of 80 degrees. then, for your five-day forecast, more heat and humidity. tomorrow and the next day, high in the low 90s. so it is a taste of summer once again. saturday, our temperatures drop off to the 80s. could see a late showe
to get to around 81 degrees during the day. i saw 82 a little earlier. leonardtown, salisbury at 74 degrees. we did have some cloudiness making its way down. this is the system that will make its way. nice weather in here for the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. then we'll watch this area of pressure bringing in shower activity during the day on sunday. we are not going to see line of rain. maybe a tends to a quarter of an inch of rain. this area of low pressure off the coast given us a slight, slight chance of a shower. even around game time. around 8:00. most of the rain will be done by 3:00. but there is a possibility of a light shower as the redskins take on the cowboys for the home opener. south winds at 5 to ten miles an hour. that should not be a factor. but i do not expect weather to be a major factor during the game. partly cloudy, comfortable, 69 to 74. tomorrow morning, looking good but again on the cool side. still fall-like. 49 in the cooler suburbs. 59 in the cities. winds out of the north, it will feel kind of chilly. we will warm up nicely. money, a great day. get o
-improved. and hot, 80 degrees at reagan national. 78 in quantico. 81 in frederick. 75 in manassas. 81 in leonardtown. and hot this afternoon, a lot of sunshine and high temperatures back into the middle 90s. there is your satellite radar. clear skies, high pressure right across the mid-atlantic. look at that, clear skies from maine down into the carolinas. this is a cold front bringing us cooler air for the weekend. and we're also hoping that frontal system will help drive earl out to sea during the day on friday. our forecast, code orange air quality, 95 degrees. the afternoon high temperature, even though it's september, one more hot afternoon. winds out of the south at 5 miles per hour. and the five-day forecast, tomorrow a little better temperature-wise, 92. date-day clouds, thursday night and friday breezy conditions with highs in the upper 80s around here. and again, a lot depends on the track of earl and how much cloud cover and wind we get here in washington during the day on friday. that's a look at the forecast. gurvir, back to you at the desk. >> and just a reminder, that you can depend o
. 63 in annapolis. 59 in leonardtown. satellite-radar, we've got generally clear skies. next couple of days. it will feature high pressure building in from the north and west. it should be a good-looking afternoon forecast with sunshine as mentioned. not only today but the next several days. winds out of the west at about 10 miles per hour. once we get rid of the fog, nice-looking forecast. look at the five-day forecast, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. bright sunshine, highs in the upper 70s to about 08. our next chan for any rain does not get in here until friday. highs in the low 80s. that will do it for weather. let's get to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest for us. >> got some problems right now, tucker barnes, if you are traveling in virginia. southbound i-95 right here in lorton. accident activity has the two right lanes closed. this is in the southbound side. so for you guys leaving springfield in the direction of woodbridge, this is what is going to tie up your drive. coming northbound on 95, lanes are open and slow coming across the occoquan. southbound 270, no
, temperature closer to the water temperature of quantico, annapolis and toward leonardtown in the low to mid 80s. so today is our 6th 90-degree day of the year. that'sore than we've had any other year coming after 1980. and during that year, we had 67. i don'think that we'll hit that. we are talking about aattern change and i'll have more details on that coming up a little later. for sure, a south westerly wind for the area. we'll drop off to 83 by 7:00 p.m. and then 78 degrees with clear skies at 9:00 p.m. and down to 76 by 11:00.m. on. your fast forecast for us, a warm and bright night. why? because we still have that full harvest moon out there, right? and we still have jupiter to talk about. meanwhile, some moreecord heat coming our way tomorrow. the pattern change but a little bit of a breezy sunshine first. we'll take alook at the four-y forecast. >> thanks, veronica. >>> stay right there. news4 at 4:00 is just getting started. parts of the new health care law have taken effect. we'll find out abouthe new law. >>> reappealing the health care law is one of the promises mde today. >>> and t
at frederick. 89 in haguetown an winchester. 95 a little earlier. annapolis at 80 degrees. and leonardtown, around 83 degrees. looking good across the area. a little easterly flow here. 79 degrees for the parts of the eastern shore. 89 in d.c. 91, cincinnati. were looking at 88 in atlanta. they've cooled down with some rain. 95n raleigh. that warm air making its way toward the area. i think we'll set some records. the record is 94 in the district noox in dulles. bwi as well. knees are the temperatures. 94 to 95 degrees. i think we will beat some records. a record in washington habeen standing since 1970. it will be a very hot day. look at this. almost no cloudiness and no rain activity. a the rain to the west. this is a cold front that will change for us. tomorrow wilbe a very hot day. then here comes that front tomorrow. still away from the area. we'll still see more of a south westerly wind. a little breezy as the highs climb into the 90s. here come that frontal boundary. >> as it moves off, we'll see the wind shift to the northeast. we are setting up for a major pattern change next week
and out -- app latchans. and 72 for you in leonardtown. our high temperatures only in the mid-70s, which is well below where we should be, with a good chance we'll see afternoon showers and thunderstorms, not just this morning but in the late afternoon. rainy, could be a thunderstorm. winds out of the south and east at 5-10. clouds tonight and rain continues, 68. winds out of the south and east at 10 miles per hour. we'll get it out of here tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon maybe a peek of sunshine. more rain on thursdays, so this is called an unsettled pattern with increasing chances of rain the next couple of days. and notice no 90s on the five- day forecast. this is the first time we've done this since late may. that's a look at the forecast. back to you at the desk, tony and allison. >> tucker, thank you very much. >>> this morning holly may be lost. >> she is at the temple hall farm regional park annual corn maze. i think she's got it under control. there are the pom-poms. right, holly? >> reporter: let's see what question we're at. the big reveal. back at question number four
's and calvert county and you can see it leonardtown to st. mary's city. east of new land we have some of that and it is lifting to the north. back to the weather computer and show you what is happening here as the storm is really down, coming out of south carolina in to north carolina as the tropical plume of moisture continues on top of it. look at all the yellow. we are talking past roanoke to binghamton right now. not much on the immediate coast. however, coastal north carolina, down to the chesapeake, virginia beach area, numerous tornado warnings and you see the red line there. that is a tornado watch. and that covers much of the area from the metro east until 1:00. the flash flood warnings have been posted for the entire metro up to loudoun, eastern faulkier, prince william, montgomery, prince georges, southern maryland, down even to king george county in forburg until 10:45 this morning and you saw all of the heavy rain that has been falling over the last few hours and will continue to do so. at least through 10:45. then we will see where other flood warnings will be needed bec
:30 in the morning and we're talking about mid-70s. fredericksberg 72. annapolis is 73. and in leonardtown we are 73. so again hot today. we're dealing with the possibility of record high temperatures tomorrow. and then some cooler air by the weekend and that's in the form of a cold front. it will take its time getting here. it's still a couple of days away. and it will arrive on saturday. and up ahead of it, not a lot going on. showers isolated off the coast and off to the north and west a couple of light sprinkles and cloud cover across the central sections of maryland. once we get rid of that, it should be a mostly sunny afternoon and a rather quiet weather pattern, or hot weather pattern. it's not just washington, the southeast up into new england, expecting high temperatures in the 80s and 90s later today. so unseasonably warm for a couple more days and then we'll start this cooldown which will have high temperatures around here on sunday and monday only in the 90s. 91 your afternoon high temperature hot and humid. with winds out of the north and west at about 5 miles per hour. and then your fi
and leonardtown and annapolis at 82 degrees. for 9:00 and 11:00 this evening, just decreasing the cloud cover across the area. we're not going to be looking at any showers here. the temperatures will drop to the mid 60s. in the forecast, looking at overnight clearing. some breezy sunshine coming our way tomorrow. i think you're really going to like this labor day weekend. on top of the sunshine that we'll be getting, we are getting a pretty significant cooldown. we look at the temperatures in a few minutes. >> thanks, veronica. >>> as earl continues making its way up the east coast, the damage assessments continue in north carolina. overnight, the outer banks were hit by heavy winds and rain. >> and roads were flooded on the narrow island getaway. thousands were left in the dark. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more from kill devil hills. >> reporter: in the dark of night, earl split up the coast. its eye offshore. punishing winds and rain pounding the coast. the barrage continuing even as day broke but light revealed just how lucky the outer banks may have been. damage from the storm appears mini
. fredericksberg is 65. annapolis is 64. and in leonardtown we are 63 degrees. let's get to it. this is going to be a major event for the washington area. right from the carolinas -- right from florida to the carolinas, eventually up into new england as this will be a one-two combination. right now this cloud cover moving in, the clouds are lower and thicker to the south and moving in. i know you see the rain showers not too far away. and it will be rainy around here and showerier. and we'll have an area of low pressure develop off the carolina coast and that will draw a lot of moisture from the south. so not only dealing with atlantic moisture but as we focus further to the south, this is tropical depression number 16, bringing copious amounts of very heavy rain to miami and their rainfall totals -- gets go on to hd radar, the rainfall totals expected to be nearly a foot in places down here over the next 24 hours. so you get the idea. we have a lot of tropical moisture. the energy will get drawn to the north and when all is said and done we're looking at the potential of maybe 2, 3, 4 inches
in the upper 40s and low 50s. 6 # for you in nan manassas. # 7 town in fredericksburg. # # in leonardtown. annapolis had a pretty good thunderstorm. 71 for you. showers and thunderstorms off the coast this morning. -- 63 for new manassas. # -- 67 down in fredericksburg. high temperatures expected to be in the low 90s. well off to the north and west. north and west of chicago, that is our next cold front. that will get through here try late friday and early saturday and start a cooldown which, as we get into the weekend, will have high temperatures only in the 80s on saturday and 70s for sunday and monday. 91 this afternoon. lots of sunshine, hot and humid particularly to this time of year. winds out of the north and west at about five miles per hour. the five-day forecast, if you want fall weather, hang in there, it will be back particularly by sunday and monday. can you see the next couple of days, 90s and we're certainly going to be flirting with records tomorrow as our record high for tomorrow is 94 degrees. we'll be right there. we might as well set some records as we get into fall h
.c. and in baltimore and in annapolis and in leonardtown. 68 in manassas where you are get something heavy rain. 68 at dulles airport. early clouds an rain and then some afternoon sunshine mixing with those clouds. warmer temperatures. yesterday we got up to 78 degrees. today, we think about 81, 82. those winds out of the south 10 to 15 miles per hour so it is a breezy day. five-day forecast, all right, maybe a little bit of sunshine early tomorrow when the clouds build in again. rain develops possibly as early as the afternoon hours. certainly during the nighttime hours and then during the day thursday, this rain could be heavy once again. friday, mostly sunny and sets us up for a nice and cool weekend, high about 07 on saturday. i'll tell you this much, high on sunday in the 60s the way things are looking right now. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> '60s were an era in time, not a high. >> it will be a high this weekend. >> not for me. wet pavement this morning, that is what you're
. leonardtown, you got a temperature of 72. annapolis, 75. we'll be hot once gun, not quite as hot as yesterday. yesterday, we were 97. a little cooler with a few clouds associated with earl. nevertheless, well above average for this time of year. code orange air quality, one again, winds out of the south at five to 10 miles per hour. we do have a coastal flood advisory for parts of the area along the chesapeake as that water will get pushed up the bay here during the next 24 to 36 hours. there is your five-day forecast, during the day tomorrow, mix of some clouds and some sun as we've got the impact of earl along the coast and the cold front moving in from the west. that sets us up for a beautiful weekend. saturday, sunday and monday, look at that, high temperatures right where they should be. low 80s with bright sunshine through outthe labor day weekend. that is a look at the forecast. i'll bring you the late as i get it here in the weather center. >> we've hay lot of action happen ago long 270 this morning and as a result, we've got delays that are stacking up your commute as you come southb
in frederick. 64 in gaithersburg. 72 in fredericksberg. annapolis cooling down, 66 now. and leonardtown 68. our winds shifted out of the northwest gusting to about 25 miles per hour. that lets us know the cold front has come through. you might be able to pick it out on the satellite radar. can't see much of the a little cloud cover overnight. see the cloud cover. and that's it. off to the north and west, a lot of clear skies and quiet conditions. so unfortunately just no rain in the forecast here. this has been a dry weather pattern for the month of september. and it's set to continue out there for the next five to seven days. behind me is the western edge of hurricane igor. you can see it there in the visible satellite and quickly pushing off to the north and east. and the only thing we have to deal with are the waves. our forecast great, 80. a lot of sunshine this afternoon. winds will lighten up out of the north at about 5 miles per hour. later tonight -- earlier i said open the windows, you might want to keep them closed. 54 in town, cool one overnight. clear skies and should be beautiful
right now in gaithersburg. 59 in frederick. 66 here in the district. 63 down in leonardtown, maryland. a look at the satellite-radar for the region, things are quite clear. there are some of the clouds that came through as the front came through. we've got clear skies, low humidity. the humidity is below 50% this morning. i don't know when the last time i was able to say that was. and quiet conditions. not much in the way to show you on the satellite-radar. here is forecast for today. sunny skies today. rather breezy but a much cooler day after a high yesterday of 96. look for a high today of about 78. all-important five-day forecast, tomorrow is into the nice day. sunshine, 77. i think saturday is a great day. 80-degree with sunshine. sunday, we to have a chance of some showers and thunderstorms possibly even in the morning on sunday, during the day on sunday. high about 81 degrees and then things quiet down for monday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> so far, so good. overfight roadwor
airport. 57 in leonardtown. fredericksburg at 62 degrees at this hour. here is your surface map. here is what is going on. that cold front came through. it will be breezy. forecast looks like this. i think i just told you. sunny skies, 7 # degrees for your high. not bad at all. your five-day forecast, not bad at all. the next couple of days are quiet and pleasant. saturday, you remember last weekend, was it saturday and sunday that were the great days? >> yes, we had a lovely weekend. >> we'll do that again but it will be friday and saturday. sunday, the clouds build in and we'll see some showers and some thunderstorms possibly across the region on sunday. then we quiet down again on monday. >> all right. there you go. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. it is now to ask the weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions. tucker not here today but we worked on the questions before hand. i love today's question. this is from chris trainham in frederick, maryland. chris wants to know why are the let
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